Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I passed through the city on my way to the mountains,
to purchase some bottled Italian spring water.
I took a room on the main street, with a balcony,
to see the stars at night.
I freely spent money
to fend off Kafka and assert my delusions of grandeur.
In the City I can be anyone
Walking from Finglas to Glendaloch
meditating on a spool of wool knotted in all directions
representing the infinite arguments
and the unknottable knowledge of being.

I met EalaĆ­n in the centre of the City
Art mused from her shiny skin
She took me in and told me about her boyfriends
One had sang, shamanding dance
Another had introduced her to Yahweh
One had tamed fire
Another was an Astronaut
There was a hedgefund manager
Her most recent was a bartender from the Jim Morrison museum
who went commando because Jim Morrison went commando
Then she implied me a worthless misogynist so I pulled up my pants and left
And left it to Dhana to give me good head.

Simultaneously I was elsewhere
Raglan Road or Grafton Street
IMMA or the IFC
The 4 courts or the 5 Lamps
A bar I don't know the name of and a similar cafe
Odysseus entangled in Dublin, Boom Boom Boom
Reaching for Glendaloch beyond the strong nucleic force of the City's jolly Arbeitsjuden.
Bomm Bomm Bomm

Hendricks and Vodka next
Tom Dick and Bill and I talked about electricity and argued conversationly over how long it takes to grow an inch of bog.
There was girl in the room, like the la strada girl,
I considered waiting for her but inertia moved me slowly instead,
until i was gone,
and Dublin luminesced in the distance like the embers of fading fire.

The Sun is rising
Dreaming, come of age.
we could work for the Industry and maintain the Infrastructure.
I believe in one world
The father the almighty
I believe in one Sun
the mother of our nature
Through mind in body, the existance occurs.
I believe in a Universe out of nothing
Blessed is the Paradox
the wave particle duality
the infinity of a wave, the zero of a particle
I believe in the genes of my ancestors
and the echoes of their thoughts.
God bless you God
Thanks for the neuronal processes
It was very thoughtful of you
In your honor i will Touch the Earth
And will my work of Art

By the time I got to Glendaloch
The monks had left their round tower.
Deirdre, Deirdre, let down your hair
let's live happily ever after