Friday, March 3, 2017

Nice to be stoned in Rome
Back going back
To the empire
It faltered once more too many
Or did it go out with a bang not a whimper
Stood on the shoulders of giants
Stood not sat
And so on
Encouraging the dance
Accelerating the progress
Like the universe itself
I love you since the dawn of time
Right now forever
One more time
Converse murder and nail polish
History and art
Politics and culture
One more time
A bonus on our investment
No zero sum game
Infinity ho.
And there was a funeral in her brain
Whatever that means
And a man walked on the moon
And we took a breath from the trance
And reverted to god
And its relics
Music in the meantime
Gave me the groove
And time passed while we lived our llives
Being human
And contemplating AI