Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I passed through the city on my way to the mountains,
to purchase some bottled Italian spring water.
I took a room on the main street, with a balcony,
to see the stars at night.
I freely spent money
to fend off Kafka and assert my delusions of grandeur.
In the City I can be anyone
Walking from Finglas to Glendaloch
meditating on a spool of wool knotted in all directions
representing the infinite arguments
and the unknottable knowledge of being.

I met EalaĆ­n in the centre of the City
Art mused from her shiny skin
She took me in and told me about her boyfriends
One had sang, shamanding dance
Another had introduced her to Yahweh
One had tamed fire
Another was an Astronaut
There was a hedgefund manager
Her most recent was a bartender from the Jim Morrison museum
who went commando because Jim Morrison went commando
Then she implied me a worthless misogynist so I pulled up my pants and left
And left it to Dhana to give me good head.

Simultaneously I was elsewhere
Raglan Road or Grafton Street
IMMA or the IFC
The 4 courts or the 5 Lamps
A bar I don't know the name of and a similar cafe
Odysseus entangled in Dublin, Boom Boom Boom
Reaching for Glendaloch beyond the strong nucleic force of the City's jolly Arbeitsjuden.
Bomm Bomm Bomm

Hendricks and Vodka next
Tom Dick and Bill and I talked about electricity and argued conversationly over how long it takes to grow an inch of bog.
There was girl in the room, like the la strada girl,
I considered waiting for her but inertia moved me slowly instead,
until i was gone,
and Dublin luminesced in the distance like the embers of fading fire.

The Sun is rising
Dreaming, come of age.
we could work for the Industry and maintain the Infrastructure.
I believe in one world
The father the almighty
I believe in one Sun
the mother of our nature
Through mind in body, the existance occurs.
I believe in a Universe out of nothing
Blessed is the Paradox
the wave particle duality
the infinity of a wave, the zero of a particle
I believe in the genes of my ancestors
and the echoes of their thoughts.
God bless you God
Thanks for the neuronal processes
It was very thoughtful of you
In your honor i will Touch the Earth
And will my work of Art

By the time I got to Glendaloch
The monks had left their round tower.
Deirdre, Deirdre, let down your hair
let's live happily ever after

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Zero = Infinity
The Paradox breeds
a Universe with Time
Consciousness is the climax
Now here you are.
In the beginning there was light
And the light congealed into Earth
And once upon a time
There was an Astronaut who lived in the internet.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring has sprung

Out of the light at the dawn of the universe
Came the longest beach in the world
I swam through the plankton starlight and fetched her a spaceship
Her breath awoke me from drowning in the water
She lit a fire in the dunes
Rubbing driftwood to spark it up
We lived alone together like Astronauts
And rode through the Universe on a white horse.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I show you meditation

It was
A day
In the year,
This year
When I
Saw her
When I went on
About the day
I saw her
At 10:00 o clock
And she was wearing clothes
And had a face to go with her black hair
Like a simile

500 years
There was this knowledge
I laughed
Then I went asleep
For 10 hours

There was this hummm
This sound
Reverberating out of me
And I was just sitting there
Beside a statue of some dude

I was just sitting there
Humming the sound
A kind of hommana hommana

Which was certainly reverberating through the ages
And I was just humming this song
And singing out
Bommm bom bommm

And then the music kicked in
And it was all so deep and meaningful

And I was liberated
Just like that
From the books on the liquor cabinet that I never read
I was never so bored
Or lonesome to be reading these books
I’d bought

To keep the doors open

And there was some coal in a bucket
That caught my attention
And I used this old hammer
Like a monkey in 2001
And I took the coal
And there was this explosion of black

And the black was immaculate

I left the dream
I walked out into the woods
And reached the sea
As the sun was rising

And there was all these photographs on the internet
And I was like
You should have seen
The Jhana
Just about midnight

Sunday, August 16, 2015

La petite mort

I cut away the greenery
Cleared the town into sight
Sat in my one room
Watching beheading videos
Eating battery chicken
Betting on bust to win.
You are just a good girl
Looking good
I am just a bloke
Doing what my friends do.
Stars are falling from the sky tonight
Meteorite, space talk shite
Alpha Centauri, Special Relativity
The quarks in my mind
Dancing at Light Speed
Enchant this eternal instant.
I touched her face 
for a chance at bliss
Then there was a Big Bang
As though of perfect Symmetry we collide
Symmetrical angel
Orgasm distorts Time
There is Youth Again
In the little death where stars collide

Somebody was born into the room and cried
Have you seen the Multiverse outside
And everybody said, hey man, have you seen the Multiverse outside
we huddled around the idea, akin to fire
bearing words 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The fire left only the chimney stack standing
The girl with the face had a daisy in her hair
And threw it into the rubble.
The paper on the counter ran a cover story about the astronauts
They looked like embryos floating listless among the space between the stars.
The girl with the legs parted her legs
A song cried out and people danced
I asked the barman to turn on the racing, Royal Ascot.
I'd come from Connemara this morning
Sure you'd have to come from somewhere.
The radio played a song I'd never heard the likes of before.
It was by Roderigo y Gabriela.
A man walked by in crutches, he paused where the bridge rises.
His left leg was missing. He carried on.
The radio said some gowl from Limerick went to prison for dangerous driving. A man lost a son and a leg in the crash.
I lost all the money I'd made in the boom, in the crash.
The houses burnt down last night.
The girl with the face threw a flower into the ashes.
I was in the pub keeping out of the cancerous sunlight, getting drunker and drunker.
The girl with the legs played a song about love with her sweet lips.
I bet on the 2 favourites. It's a safe bet. It's a short flat race.
I won a small percentage profit.
I'd bet my house on the race.
This time next year we'll be rich as Astronauts
One time at band camp
There's something about Mary
If I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have sent her my amputation
It seemed like a good idea at the time
I remember thinking at the time, this is a good idea, this is definitely a good idea
I was strapped to a rocket full of rocket fuel
My mother ran into the room and changed the channel 
We watched Challenger explode again and again
There was a teacher among them she said
It didn't scare me at all
I still wanted to be a spaceman

Monday, June 15, 2015

A desiccated heart
Stares at me
From the back of a pack of fags
Discarded on the road
Among the daisies The big daisies,
that are more like flowers than wild weeds
The daisies you’d be sure to wear in your hair
If you’re going to San Francisco
As a hippy in the 60’s.
On the internet John Snow is dead
It probably happened in a book first
One of The big books
For the gobshites to read
During the big game
Love Stories and Great Battles abound
The astronaut aborts
Out here in the stars we’re like embryos
Down here we're like embryonic Astronauts
contemplating Jazz and Abortion

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The pretty waiter woman

We were young
With long hair
We’d never been so old before
We were free
We were lost
We’d never been so alone before

I tried to swallow 3 pills while I waited 
We’d been to a wedding
It was a beautiful wedding
In a castle on an island

When I fall in love, everyone else could go fuck themselves for all I care

So I went away
Climbed Kilimanjaro
Made friends with a native
Played the white man with the natives

I knew gravity was like acceleration
I knew the universe had come from nothing and that zero was infinity
But an email from an old friend brought me home
I called in with a loaf of brown bread I’d picked up in SuperValu
His mother told me a story
My eyes were cloudy and the clouds had all these specs in them
I remembered when I was younger and my eyes were clear
And my limbs were supple
And my parents put me in a chair
And warned me to live
I used to imagine running away, to the forests in the mountains
And living with the animals
And retreating to the plants
And the sun
retreating like pond scum, to the air
and the electricity in the lightning
and the chaos in the stars
far, far away from the shite talk in the internet
and the games in the world
and the jobs and the money
and the dead Syrian girl child
and the pretty waiter woman
I left her a gold coin
And took to the road

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

First world Excess
I'm calling you out

And be poet
And be wise and profound
And be rhythmic, romantic, professional and

I believe in freedom
The mother of Dragons can’t give you freedom,

I guess I’d fallen
I was falling
I was trapped 
I was climbing
I was stuck, I was stagnant.
I called her up to relieve my urge
And she called me out

I courted you, to live with me, until i die

We compromised at less children than our parents had had

She called me out to play a game

Thursday, March 5, 2015

I was sitting in a cemetery of an abandoned church with two friends
The sun had set and the moon was muted, low in the sky or crescent or diffused in cloud.
My thoughts drifted off into exile and stumbled over an idea which suddenly awoke me
I felt detached from reality
I was tripping, through the infinite perceptions that hover around us
It was dreamlike yet hyperreal
It was my Eureka, Flux Capacitor, moment
I saw then what I’ve never been able to unsee since.

Had I been learned in Math I could have described the idea best in terms of a 4th spatial dimension that allows magnitudes of inverse proportion appear equal.

Had I been articulate and versed in modern psychology I would have witnessed the idea as a derangement or transcendence of the senses, like synesthesia. I’d have dwelt on how the senses we experience are a totally subjective interpretation of the environment. And the imagination is limited to regurgitating permutations and exaggerations on the familiar subjectivity.

A Buddhist would see that death = birth.

A simple Christian would conclude the co-existence of good and evil.

I guess the idea was commonplace throughout humankind,
All cultures had a version of it, mangled into compatibility with their cultural memes.

I had taken an image of the idea from the trance, a memento, like bringing Freddie Kruger’s hat back from a nightmare into your bed,
The image was a poor shadow of experiencing the idea
but I used it as a point of focus
trying to interpret the idea I had experienced
I stayed there, interrogating the universal self

The image I had was a cone of neon light, the wide end of the cone went out toward an infinite circumference and the narrow end toward zero.

I was doing time in the universal mind
I’m the freedom man
that’s how lucky I am

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

somebody fix the television

Monday, September 21, 2009

I went out to the hazel wood,
Because a fire was in my head,


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Horses Glen

About the three lakes of the Horses Glen is some beautiful scenery. Excellent hiking in rough and varied ground. The Boulders add to the scenery. ...
...The rocks appear to have never been climbed before. But they are too remote too few and too small. The three lakes await a weekend expedition, for a thorough exploration. Bring a brush and don’t worry about parking the car, there were no signs of smashed windows at area 1. I didn’t check area 4, there are a few boulders there. Area 6 is a beautiful camping spot with a sheer climbing route.
From the car walk to 2 and turn left.


2nd boulder lakeshore, near area 3

-area 5

-the hunting season is over, bring your own food

-area 6


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Karen Tool


Go out and face death
Dressed like a penguin
Come out like Batman, James Bond


Saturday, February 28, 2009

toward Mangerton, Killarney